How Did Eataly Become a Global Italian Food Superpower?

A brief history of the trendsetting Italian megamarket...

This article, written by Nick Solares, appears on Eater.

Italian mega-market Eataly opened its second New York City location this week, bestowing 41,000 square feet of everything Italian and edible on Manhattan’s Financial District. For the uninitiated, Eataly is a totally bananas marketplace that features everything you’d find at a fancy grocery store — cheese, meat, and seafood purveyors, an on-site bakery, a vast wine selection, an espresso bar, etc. — plus other things you might not, such as a fresh pasta counter, a microbrewery, several restaurants, a Nutella bar, and a cooking school headed up by Italian cooking queen Lidia Bastianich. Read more at Eater…

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