Cook With White Truffles

Everything you need to know about Italy's most treasured food.

This article, written by , appears on The Huffington Post.

White Truffles: Give Italy’s ‘Diamonds On The Table’ A Taste

Arguably this is the best time of year to visit Italy for days are hot like summer but nights are cold, and in the mountains of the Apennines there is a refreshing breeze even in the heat of the sun.

Italy is perhaps the country most famous for food, and if you like harvest festivals it is a paradise in autumn.

The most important festivals for Italians are generally the truffle festivals. The season kicks off with the white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) festivals in October and November.

The white truffle is the most prized and commands the highest prices — in 2006 it is reported to have sold for the same price as gold. Read more at The Huffington Post…

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