Chill Out With Grilled Gelato Burgers

The dessert is becoming increasingly popular in southern Italy, especially as summer temps spike.

The following article, written by Jerry Finzi, appears on Grand Voyage Italy.

Summer is in full swing, and as the heat waves set in, here is an idea from southern Italy that will help you beat the high temps…Brioche Gelato Burgers!

More and more popular in Sicily, Puglia and Calabria, the trend is catching on.

In the last several years, the sweet, glossy brioche bun has gained popularity in the States, used as the go-to bun for burgers and sliders.

But the sweet, soft crumb of the classic brioche also pairs well with gelato (OK, and ice cream, too).

Grilling the sliced brioche helps raise the flavor a notch.

Toppings or spreads can include crushed pistachios or sliced almonds, Nutella, Pirouettes crackers, almond biscotti crumbs, whipped cream or zabaglione, or a smear of almond paste.

How about a trio of gelato sliders? To add crunch, tuck a pizzelle inside!

Stay cool!






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