Campari: How to Use It in Your Favorite Drinks

A top Miami mixologist gives the skinny on the liquor (and shares some recipes, too).

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Campari: Italy’s Classic Apéritif Liqueur

Plus how to use it in your favorite drinks

In the Miami heat, a fruity drink seems to always make sense. And at the bohemian, tchotchke-filled paradise that is The Broken Shaker—situated within the Freehand Hotel—a tropical stir takes hold, flavoring drinks seasonally with mango, mamey, and morello cherries. It’s easy to call this place Miami’s best bar—and it is.

What began as a pop-up from bartenders Elad Zvi and Gabriel Orta graduated to a permanent home when the Freehand debuted back in 2012. Since then, the Shaker has been spreading liquid courage via a smart list of fruit-forward tipples, often served in vintage glassware with paper straws. But don’t get it twisted because this isn’t quite a tiki bar, despite the Shaker’s vintage flower wallpaper and retro wooden bar. The cocktail list reads like a patchwork quilt—with clear inspiration from South America, Asia, Mexico, and the U.S.—bound through fresh ingredient and quality spirits.

One such bottle that’s always stocked behind the Shaker’s bar is Campari, Italy’s classic cherry red bitter apéritif liqueur developed by beverage enthusiast Gaspare Campari in 1860. While Campari wasn’t necessarily the country’s first bitter beverage, what set it apart from other savory liquors at the time—which were usually consumed after eating to aid in digestion—was that Campari was a bitter meant to be sipped before a meal, as an apéritif, to stimulate one’s appetite. Think of Campari as one of Italy’s original apéritif liqueurs, a potation that’s credited with launching Europe’s apéritif culture which is embraced to this day.

Below, The Broken Shaker’s head bartender Gui Jaroschy waxes poetic on Campari. Read more about Campari and view drink recipes as…

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