Bologna Mayor on Mission to Expose Fake Spaghetti Bolognese

For instance, the dish is an impostor if it uses smooth spaghetti noodles.

By: Megan Williams, CBC News

Mayor of Bologna, Italy, on crusade to expose fake spaghetti Bolognese

The mayor of the northern Italian city of Bologna wants you to know that what you probably think is spaghetti Bolognese is nothing like the pasta and meat sauce made famous by the city.

Does your recipe include garlic or cream? How about oregano, basil or parsley? And what about spaghetti itself?

Guess what? You’re not eating spaghetti Bolognese — or at least not the original recipe known in Italy simply as pasta al ragu or pasta with meat sauce.

The real thing is a slow-cooked sauce made with small chunks of beef and pork, bits of celery, carrots and onions with a dash of tomato sauce and a long simmer in wine. And it does not go with slippery smooth spaghetti, but a rougher, flatter noodle — tagliatelle or pappardelle — that the sauce can adhere to. Continue reading at CBC News. 


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