All Your Pasta Questions Answered

Cooking experts weigh in on handmade, baked, gluten-free and more.

This Live Chat is available at The Washington Post.

Free Range on Food: Regional Italian pastas, gluten-free pasta and more.

Domenica Marchetti writes about making three beautiful regional pastas by hand, using special tools that are easier to get than ever (or using hacks); Dorie Greenspan pasta-fies the Nicoise salad; Jason Wilson takes a non-traditional approach to pesto; Tim Carman talks to chefs about fresh vs. dried pasta, Emily Codik profiles Matteo Catalani, the pasta whisperer of Union Market; Kara Elder leads us on a taste-test of gluten-free boxed pasta; Bonnie Benwick talks to chef Nick Stefanelli about his success making a FRESH g/f pasta; yours truly sings the praises of baked pasta; and more!

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