Affordable But Great Wines

The Boston Globe recommends an Italian collection that is perfect for the typical weeknight at home.

This article, written by Ellen Bhang, appears on The Boston Globe.

Five appealing Italian bottles in an everyday collection

On an ordinary weeknight, most people want a bottle offering great value. A collection of delicious Italian pours fits the bill, and includes one of our favorite reds.

That Vigneti Massa wine is playfully called “Fuso.” The name refers to the addlement that ensues after imbibing a couple of glasses, and plays on the Italian word “sfuso,” which describes the kind of unpretentious, rustic sip that a village vintner might pour into a customer’s jug. Its maker, Walter Massa, is famous for putting full-bodied timorasso whites on the map in Piedmont’s Colli Tortonesi.

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