According to This Expert, the Best Olive Oil Comes From Costco

Chef and cookbook author, Samin Nosrat, offers some useful tips for finding a good, everyday olive oil.

The following article, written by Julie R. Thomson, appears on The Huffington Post. 

This Expert Says Some Of The Best Olive Oil Comes From Costco

Navigating the olive oil aisle can be daunting. There are too many labels, too many choices, and too many stories about fraud (not to mention, even the cheapest bottles are pretty expensive).

But one chef and cookbook author, Samin Nosrat, has shared great tips for finding an everyday olive oil in her new book Salt Fat Acid Heat ― and you’re going to love one of those tips, in particular.

According to Nosrat, one of the best-tasting olive oils you can get for your money comes from Costco. It’s Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a 2-liter bottle retails for $21.49. (It’s also available on Amazon for a dollar more.)

That’s a lot of olive oil for a very reasonable price. Nosrat informs readers that Kirkland’s olive oil “regularly scores well on independent administered quality analyses.” And that’s good enough for us.

If you don’t have a Costco membership, she also shares her standby choices which include Seka Hills, Katz and California Olive Ranch. Continue reading at The Huffington Post. 

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