A Wine Crusade from Campania

One winery leads the way for dozens of others in an effort to raise the region's popularity here in the US.

Italy’s Campania Wines Roll Into New York

Ilaria Petitto Leads An Italian Wine Revolution to New York

The remarkable Ilaria Petitto of the DonnaChiara winery in Campania, despite being six months pregnant, recently led a delegation of a dozen of the region’s winemakers to New York in an effort to raise awareness of the ancient region’s wines.

Despite being one of the oldest wine areas in Italy it has long been a sleepy backwater, the sort of place you would see a pig ambling along the side of a dusty road, the sort of place that produced large quantities of bulk wine nobody wanted. In this respect it’s not unlike Piedmont and Tuscany before the money and the Mercedes arrived.

Ilaria has a vision of changing all that, starting with her own wines. It involved a move from wine, or rather grapes, being just another agricultural product to be sold to a large producer, in this case Mastroberardino, to an emphasis on quality, to making the sorts of wines that people in Northern Europe and North America would actually want to drink. Read more on Forbes.



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