10th Day of Christmas: Scrumptious Italian Cookie Recipes

The cannoli cookies top the list -- you'll know why when you sink your teeth into one.

hThe following recipes, created by Lisa Huff, appear on SnappyGourmet.com. 

1. Cannoli Cookies (Snappy Gourmet) -Not a very authentic Italian cookie, but a fun twist on the cannoli, an Italian pastry. Full of flavor including ricotta cheese, orange, pistachios, and chocolate chips. These cookies have been going crazy on Pinterest, so check it out.

2. Wine Cookies – Ciambelle al Vino (An Italian In My Kitchen): Light and crunchy Italian cookies made with wine! Can’t beat that, right?

3. Florentine Cookies (Culinary Ginger): Lace cookies made from chopped almonds, orange, and vanilla with a chocolate filling. I need these in my life!

4. Pizzelle (Williams Sonoma): You’ll need a pizzelle maker to make these Italian cookies. These pizzelle are thin and crispy and flavored with a little lemon and vanilla.

5. Amaretto Tricolor Cookies (Karen’s Kitchen Stories): Also known as Neapolitan cookies or Italian Rainbow Cookies. The most common version is red, white, and green to represent the colors of the Italian flag, but check out this fun version with Amaretto.

6. Italian Lemon Cookies (Growing Up Gabel): These cute round lemon cookies, are frosted and covered in sprinkles. Such a fun Italian cookie!

For more Snappy Gourmet Italian cookie recipes, click here. 

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