40 Best Italian Restaurants in America

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This article, written by Arthur Bovino, appears on The Daily Meal.

Checkered tablecloths may be a thing of the past, but Americans’ obsession with the cuisine that used to be served on them certainly isn’t.

“A bottle of red, a bottle of white. It all depends upon your appetite,” someone famous once crooned sometime, somewhere on the radio during more than seven minutes of piano-filled airtime. “I’ll meet you any time you want in our Italian restaurant.”

Brenda and Eddie may have parted the closest of friends, but America’s love affair with Italian food will never end. And whereas the king and the queen of the prom’s ideas of an Italian restaurant may conjure images of red- and white-checkered tablecloths, Chianti carafes, and red sauce-heavy plates, contemporary Americans’ tastes are more complicated. They want great Neapolitan pies, veal parm, homemade pasta with uni or lardo, homemade charcuterie as good as it is in Italy, and even a touch of that Italian-American nostalgia everyone turned their noses down at for years (“A touch of house limoncello, if you please?”). This all makes crowning the country’s best Italian restaurants a fairly complicated task, one made less constricting but no less challening by doubling this year’s list and setting out to declare America’s 40 best Italian restaurants.

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