3rd Day To Christmas: Make Chocolate Chip Biscotti

One of the great pleasures of Italian Christmas is enjoying dessert first thing in the morning.

This article, written by Jodie Morgan, appears on The Tennessean.

Italian Genius: Breakfast Biscotti

It doesn’t matter how old you get, having dessert for breakfast always sounds like a great idea. Especially this time of year when the last slice of pumpkin pie is totally a balanced meal and the family weekend brunch most certainly includes a heaping pile of cinnamon rolls. Cookies are a little harder to justify. I guess you could call it a “breakfast cookie” but they lack the social acceptance of more traditional breakfast sweets. Enter the Italians.

Italians are geniuses. What other culture has come up with a way to make having cookies for breakfast not only acceptable, but stylish? I can’t think of one at the moment. Italians were smart enough to come up with biscotti (that means “twice baked”) which is basically a giant cookie loaf that is sliced and baked again until somewhat crunchy. They paired biscotti with coffee and instantly transformed the cookie into acceptable breakfast fare. Read more and get the recipe at The Tennessean…

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