23 Sicilian Recipes That Will Make You Very Hungry

There's just no doubt: Sicilian food is culinary perfection.

The following article, written by Serena Sansica, appears on Buzzfeed.com.

23 Sicilian Dishes To Die For

1. Arancine (Sicilian Rice Balls)

Basically a risotto shaped into a deep-fried ball, the traditional arancine are filled with ragù, or simply ham and cheese. But, really, you can put in whatever you like. Just remember: even though they’re mostly called arancini (as people use in eastern Sicily), their actual name is arancine (literally, “little oranges”) from the Italian arance.

Try making them at home with the recipe here.

2. Busiate with Pesto Trapanese

Busiate is a typical pasta used in Trapani (a city in northwest Sicily), made only from durum, wheat flour, and water. Pesto Trapanese is a local variation of the more famous pesto Genovese and it’s made from tomatoes, garlic, basil and almonds. Suggestion: serve this pasta dish with a generous sprinkle of pecorino cheese or parmesan.

Try making this tasty and fresh dish at home with the recipe here.

3. Cassatelle alla Trapanese (Trapani-style Fried Crescents)

Cassatelle alla Trapanese are soft crescents of dough filled with sweet sheep milk, ricotta, and chocolate chips. Sprinkle them with icing sugar and eat them while they’re still hot, when the chocolate melts into the creamy ricotta.

YOU can try making them at home with this recipe right here.

See the entire recipe list at Buzzfeed.com.

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