13 Ingredients for an Italian Pantry

Lilia Missy Robbins talks to In Style, sharing her list of "must-haves" for cooking great Italian fare.

This article, written by  SYDNEY MONDRY, appears on In Style

13 Things You Need for an Italian Pantry, According to Lilia’s Missy Robbins

From pizza to pasta to crispy bruschetta, it’s no surprise that Italian fare is one of the most universally beloved cuisines. A good bowl of spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and garlic has the ability to instantly transport you to the cobblestone streets of Florence—a sensation that’s been experienced by anyone who’s sampled the cooking of Missy Robbins, Michelin-star recipient and owner and chef of Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based hot spot Lilia. Robbins is known for her simple yet flavorful dishes, like mafaldine (a ribbon-shaped pasta) with pink peppercorns and parmigiano-reggiano; an herbaceous whole artichoke; and buttery branzino with salsa verde.

Naturally, Robbins is the right woman to ask for recommendations on Italian pantry staples. “Always buy the best quality you can for any of these items,” she advises. “Italian food is simple and the ingredients need to be good enough to stand on their own.” If you’re looking to kick your Italian cooking into high gear, read on for Robbins’s two cents on the ingredients you’ll need to have on-hand in order to mangia like a real Italian. Read more and see her list as In Style…

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