The Moments That Made Us Fall for Moonstruck

Crazy love is a beautiful thing.

Moonstruck remains an Italian American classic, with its accordion music, Brooklyn dialects and crazy love.

And the film certainly lives up to its title: that a full moon can make people wildly romantic, and make them behave in wonderful and unpredictable ways.

Here are some of our favorite moments from the romantic comedy that opened in New York in the winter of 1987, and led to Cher’s Best Actress Oscar win:

Snap out of it!

Loretta: I’m gonna marry him. Do you hear me? Last night never happened, and I’m gonna marry him, and you and I are going to take this to our coffins.

Ronny: I can’t do that.

Loretta: Why not?!

Ronny: I’m in love with you.

Loretta: (Smack. SMACK.) Snap out of it!

The proposal

Loretta: Could you kneel down?

Johnny: On the floor?

Loretta: Yeah, on the floor.

Johnny: This is a good suit.

Loretta: I know that, I helped you pick it out—it came with two pairs of pants!

A miracle in Sicily 

Loretta: What?! He’s in Sicily!

Rose: No more he’s not.

Loretta: But he’s with his dying mother in Sicily!

Rose: She recovered.

Loretta: She was dying.

Rose: It was a miracle.

Loretta: A miracle!? This is modern times, there ain’t supposed to be miracles no more.

Rose: Well I guess it ain’t modern times in Sicily!

The bakery breakdown

Ronny: Bring me the big knife, I’m gonna cut my throat!

Loretta: Maybe I should come back another time.

La bohème at the Met

Ronny: You look beautiful, your hair.

Loretta: Yeah, I had it done. You look, uh, beautiful too.

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