Sylvester Stallone on “Creed”

After winning the Golden Globe, the actor reflects on his return to the role that made him a legend.

Golden Globes: Sylvester Stallone Reflects On Emotional ‘Creed’ Win

Backstage, just moments after delivering his emotional acceptance speech, Sylvester Stallone opened up with Liz Hernandez of Access Hollywood. He talked about the death of his son Sage, and how the tragic event invariably affected his performance in “Creed,” a film that delivered his first Golden Globe since 1977.
Through the thoughtful and extraordinary vision of writer/director Ryan Coogler (who also viewed “Creed” as an homage to his own lost loved one — his father), Stallone says he found the courage to step back into the world of Rocky Balboa, bringing the character full circle in a beautiful yet unexpected journey.
Read Stallone’s interview with Liz Hernandez at Yahoo News.
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