New York Legend Al Pacino Offers a Retrospective on His Iconic Work

The one and only Al Pacino rarely gives interviews, especially a retrospective like this.

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It’s tempting to call him “the inimitable Al Pacino,” although he is the most imitated actor in the world. There are, after all, two categories of imitation: impersonation (“Say hello to my le’el friend!” “Hoo-ah!”) and emulation. Emulating Pacino would mean not just bounding into a field of psychological land mines but identifying each one and purposely jumping on top of it.

Some, including Johnny Depp, of all people, think he’s mad. Most see the larger wisdom in his design for living and working — and also think he’s mad. The exception is Pacino, who struggles not to think of himself at all so as to concentrate on the next task, the next land mine. For him, there is no other way. If further validation were needed, he could point to a 31-film retrospective in the place he came of age. It’s called “Pacino’s Way.” Continue reading on

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