Masterpieces of Italian Cinema

What are the top 30 Italian language classics?

This article, written by Joao Braga, appears on Taste of Cinema.

30 Masterpieces of Italian Cinema You Shouldn’t Miss

The history of the Italian film industry is so rich that it makes these types of lists quite difficult to write. Although I have the opinion that after 1980, Italian Cinema almost “died” and wasn’t able to renovate its staff, quality and influence.

I agree there are a handful of films quite worthy of attention in the 90s; the industry itself completely lives by its classics. For that reason and to increase the degree of difficulty of the list, this list only concentrates on the films released before 1980, so any comments asking me, “why isn’t Cinema Paradiso featured?” or any other movie, it’s because these are only from before the 1980.

I’d say this is a list of classics with over 30 years of existence since they were released. It tries to diverse featuring several genres: Commedia All’italiana, Giallo, drama movies, war movies, crime movies or neorealist movies, among others.  View the full list at Taste of Cinema.

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