Martin Scorsese: The King of the American Picture

At 75, the master filmmaker shows no sign of slowing.

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The American filmmaker has been one of the most influential directors for over half a century, delivering some of film’s greatest masterpieces. His next movie is due out in 2019. DW takes a look back at his career.

Many film directors manage to create incredible movies with iconic images that enter popular culture and remain in our collective consciousness. But what sets the best directors in the world apart from the rest? How does an outstanding filmmaker leave his mark on Hollywood history?

American director Martin Scorsese must know the right recipe for such success — he is considered one of the most important directors of all time. Despite turning 75 he continues to work tirelessly on new projects.

Here are five reasons why Scorsese is one of the most important people in film history.

1. Martin Scorsese has authentic stories to tell

As opposed to other many other American directors, who know how to make entertaining films that are sometimes also interesting and spectacular, Scorsese really seems to care for his films’ stories themselves. He appreciates detail, which probably has a lot to do with his background: born in 1942 to an Italian-American family in New York, Scorsese draws inspiration for stories from his cultural and ethnic roots, with many relating to his religious upbringing. The quest for the meaning of life is one of subjects that he likes to focus on — especially in his movies dealing with religious ideas.

Scorsese pays attention to issues at the heart of the contemporary history in the United States, such as social discrepancies, crime and violence. These are reoccurring themes in his movies, many of which deal with activities relating to the mob in the US during the 20th century. But he has other interests as well; Scorsese is both a film history and music buff. These “hobbies” of his also play major roles in his narratives, especially in his documentaries.

Through the director’s manifestation of his diverse interests in his film, Scorsese’s audiences are always aware of his deep desire to share authentic stories. Continue reading at 

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