Francis Ford Coppola’s Last Film?

The director talks about the new multi-generational Italian-American saga he is developing.

This article, written by Wendy Ide, appears on Screen Daily.

The Godfather director talks new Italian-American saga, risk-taking and how George Lucas got “lost” in Star Wars.

Francis Ford Coppola’s next film may be his last. But it may also be one of his most ambitious.

Speaking at the Marrakech International Film Festival (Dec 4-12), the 76-year-old director of The Godfather trilogy revealed details of the new multi-generational Italian-American saga he is developing, titled Distant Vision.

Coppola compared the project to novelist Thomas Mann’s family saga Buddenbrooks.

“I may only make one film more in my life, but it may be very long, and it may go in different places,” said the five-time Oscar winner.”It’s sort of like Buddenbrooks because it’s about three generations of a family.

“It happens during the birth of television; the growth and omnipresence of television and finally the end of television as it turns into the internet. Then I decided that I wanted to do it as live television.”

It is, he conceded, “very different from a normal film”.

Coppola staged Distant Vision as a live performance piece at Oklahoma City Community College in June, and streamed to private showings in Paris, New York, Los Angeles.

Take more risks

During the Marrakech interview, Coppola lobbied passionately for experimentation and risk-taking in cinema, something that he claims is at odds with the financial pressures of the mainstream movie industry. Read more at Screen Daily.

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