2 Million People Flock to NYC for Storied Feast of San Gennaro

As always, the 11-day feast was celebrated along Mulberry Street in NYC's Little Italy.

The following article, written by Colin Mixson, appears on The Villager. 

The Feast of San Gennaro kicked off on Sept. 14 along Mulberry St. in Little Italy, and lovers of all things Italian flocked to the former immigrant enclave to celebrate the tastes of the old country.

“I love San Gennaro,” said New Jersey resident Scott Hersh, who won a cannoli eating contest at the feast on Friday. “Being around Italians, and the cannoli and sausage — San Gennaro’s just been one of those things I enjoy going to all the time.”

Italian immigrants first brought the festive tradition to the Lower East Side in 1926, when a feast dedicated to the patron saint of Naples, St. Januarius, first sprang up around a small chapel on Mulberry St.

The Lower Manhattan immigrant enclave has since dwindled to a few shops and restaurants, but the feast itself has expanded into a massive, 11-day celebration of Italian heritage, culture, and — above all — food. Continue reading at The Villager.

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