In Honor of Italian Fathers Everywhere

To all the papas: you earned this day -- enjoy it.

(Editor’s note: We asked ISDA readers to send in pictures of their papas and nonnos for Fathers’s Day. We received scores of amazing photos, and included them in the mosaic image above. Refer below for the full gallery.)

We sons and daughters offer the following to generations of distinguished fathers:

Forever Endeavoring


You made the journey

And shaped the cause

To rally strength

And turn the odds


You fought for freedom

And so it seems

You wrapped a gift

Of U.S. dreams


Lawyers, doctors

Bakers too

You paved careers

As fathers do


A future bright

Some yet untold

Of new pursuits

That will unfold


So here we go

Your sons and daughters

Endeavoring toward

New dreams and waters

Happy Father’s Day to all!

Photo gallery:

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