Why Italian Fashion Girls Do It Better

Refinery29 gives style ideas by breaking down the unique flair of Italian women in fashion.

This article, written by Jinnie Lee, appears on Refinery29.

French women are all about classically tailored effortlessness; in New York City we do head-to-toe black like no other, and the English are experts at an insouciant vintage look.

Describing the spirit of Italian fashion girls in a succinct soundbite isn’t quite as easy — with their fearlessness toward amped-up color, affinity for sex appeal, and a no-holds-barred manner of flaunting a look, dressing outside of the box has always been a part of the Italian woman’s DNA.

As evidenced by everyone from Hollywood legends Sophia Loren and Isabella Rossellini, to the Insta-famous personalities of Chiara Ferragni and Eleonora Carisi, pro-level Italian style requires equal amounts of confidence in what you’re doing and willingness to experiment. And ahead, we celebrate 16 Italian fashion muses who do just that, and pick up their simple styling tips along the way. Consider this expert advice straight from the source. View the Slideshow.

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