The Rules of Italian Fashion

Vogue breaks things down with Italy's premier supermodel.

This article, written by Janelle Okwodu, appears on Vogue.

The Rules of Italian Style According to Mariacarla Boscono

Few models have had careers both as lengthy and influential as Mariacarla Boscono’s. Perennial muse to Riccardo Tisci, a favorite of photographers like Steven Meisel, and fashion’s unofficial symbol of a certain Italian elegance, Boscono has been at the top of her game for the better part of two decades. (In model years, that’s pretty much a lifetime.) Energetic, elegant, and capable of bringing power to any project, Boscono has become one of the defining models of the current era. On the eve of her brand-new beauty contract with Redken, we caught up with Boscono to talk changes within the modeling industry, how she defines Mediterranean style, and why models need to do more than stay in front of the camera.

How do you define Italian style?
We’re unique in a sense that we’re very glam. You would never see anyone go to a restaurant in Milan wearing a jumpsuit! We have a history; we love to dress up and be well groomed. To this day my mother does her heat rollers in the morning, and she’s done it for every single day of her life, even if she doesn’t have to go anywhere. She has the old-school hard plastic hair-dryer, and though I’ve tried to get a cool new one, she loves the antique! I grew up with a saying: It doesn’t matter what you wear, or where you go, but your hair always has to be brushed. So in Italy, we come from that kind of culture—where how you present yourself is important.

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