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Finally, an Italian look is achievable – each and every day!

ISDA member Elisa Rossi grew up on the coast of Le Marche, a region that lays claim to Italy’s finest leather and shoemaking artisans. Here, “everyday” looks showcase the kind of craftsmanship that makes Italian style not just coveted, but an art form unto itself.

It’s a birthright to be fashionable in Le Marche. And, as a young woman, Elisa knew just how lucky a girl she was to be brought into this world via fashion royalty.

Flash forward 12 years and Elisa found herself in a different corner of the planet: Silicon Valley, where her fashionable surroundings had been replaced by more technological ones. What’s more, her closet had slowly managed to shift from quality garments crafted to last a lifetime to factory-line, cookie-cutter pieces that fell apart after a single season.

Veronica Marucci Hat, Rossi & Rei

It wasn’t until Elisa travelled back home to Le Marche and re-witnessed the beauty of her native garb that she felt compelled to find a way to bring her old style back across the pond with her — and everywhere else on the globe for that matter.

Hence, she partnered up with local Italian artisans, offering them an opportunity to share their love-filled works with an audience far beyond their typical reach — through the good old internet.

And so, a new website was born: Rossi & Rei, a curation of beautiful, Italian made pieces that are accessible in price, allowing folks like you and me to replace some of those mass-produced, expendable threads in our closet with classic, durable works of art.

Basically we, too, can look like we were born on the Coast of Italy. After all, shouldn’t it be everyone’s right to look chic each and every day?

Navy Sailor Jacket, Rossi & Rei

Keeping with their mission of making the Italian look one that everyone can (and should) own today, tomorrow and beyond, Rossi & Rei is offering a discount (site-wide!) this Thanksgiving weekend, letting you get a jumpstart on your shopping. Start shopping here…

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