Saks Fifth Avenue Launches Italian Awareness Initiative

The high-end retailer enters a multi-year partnership aimed at bringing American buyers quality Italian craftsmanship.

This article appears on Business Wire.

Saks Fifth Avenue Salutes Italian Craftsmanship with Italy for Father’s Day 2016

Leading luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue today announced a multi-year partnership with the Italian Trade Commission (ITC) to highlight Italian Craftsmanship. The collaboration kicks off this Father’s Day and runs through 2017. The Father’s Day 2016 menswear initiative will celebrate the unmistakable cachet of Italian artistry by showcasing the country’s illustrious brands and coveted style in all 40 Saks Fifth Avenue locations worldwide, as well as on

“Saks is thrilled to honor the heritage of its Italian brands and the storied history of Italian artistry,” said Thomas Ott, Senior Vice President, General Merchandising Manager, Saks Fifth Avenue. “This is the second year we have partnered with the Italian Trade Commission to drive awareness for goods sourced from Italy, and we hope the partnership will continue to inspire and to enlighten our Saks customers stateside about the beauty that is the Italian craft.”

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