Italian Silk Scarves Bring NYC Artist’s East Coast Vision to Life

With Mother Nature as her muse, Andrea DiFiore mixes contemporary photography with traditional fashion.

By: Andrea DiFiore, DiFiore New York

My father’s family emigrated here from Sicily, passing through Ellis Island. They remained in the City and settled in Brooklyn, paving the way for me to pursue my dream as a New York artist.

I’m captivated by nature, poetry and the world around me, which has inspired me to create a variety of artworks in various mediums.

My latest venture translates my vision of flowers and bodies of water into gorgeous silk scarves, produced in only the finest Italian textile mills.

Growing up on the East Coast, the ocean and water were a huge part of my life, and remain so.

I’m passionate about preserving our oceans, keeping them clean and helping the varied sea life from being decimated by pollution.

My series of photo collages deals with the fragility of life, and illustrates the beauty and vulnerability of our ecosystem.

I took that series and transformed it into textiles. Each scarf is executed by initially finding live flowers, photographing them in different positions and then digitally composing the flowers so they appear to be floating and falling in water.

The creations span the world with flowers, such as the Cala Lily, Iris, Dalia and others.

Each scarf comes with a lovely description of the meaning of the flower, and facts about the body of water that’s featured.

To learn more, explore my Instagram page or contact me directly at Find a list of available scarves at my online boutique: DiFiore New York, LLC

Artist Andrea DiFiore

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