Italian Menswear Slowear Makes Debut in SoHo

New York Times Fashion & Style columnist and "critical shopper" Jon Caramanica spends a day at the store that gives men a refreshing (and slower) shopping experience.

(pictured above: Slowear store in Rome, Italy.)

The Soho Slowear store houses four brands that offer American men a different and daring look (albeit one that is widely embraced overseas) with striking colors, bold patterns, and, of course, perfection in tailoring.

While items run on the pricier side, the very presence of this Italian empire in the shopping mecca of New York City could and should influence surrounding, more mainstream wear. And, if Slowear has their way, shopping itself will take on the Italian approach as well: Rather than dodging in and out as quickly as possible to avoid the pain and trauma of clothes shopping, men are encouraged to “shop slow,” and enjoy the experience of creating their own, individual look.

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