Banana Republic: Home to the Italian Wool Suit

The brand's top designers talk with GQ about their latest line and fabrics, including worsted wool from the Marzotto mill in Italy.


This article, written by Liza Corsillo, appears on

Italian Suits and More Surprising Menswear From Banana Republic

The Banana Republic studios have their own sewing room where they make most of their samples. The vibe is buzzing but relaxed, and surprisingly un-corporate. There are strips of fabric, clothing, mood boards, and samples hanging from every available surface. During our visit we interviewed four designers who all talked of their jobs as fun, like a family, inspiring, and above all authentic. They spoke with such enthusiasm about sourcing fabrics and taking trips to Stockholm or Amsterdam for inspiration that we almost lost focus on the task at hand. That task was to find out more about the brand everyone knows just a little bit about. We spoke with Michael Anderson, SVP of design, as well as three top designers working in tailoring, sportswear, and knits. Here’s what we found out. Read more on



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