A New Direction

Forbes spotlights 10 startups that are redefining Italian Fashion.

This article, written by Declan Eytan, appears on Forbes.

Italy is going through somewhat of a renaissance fashion-wise. Over at the established fashion houses there are shifts taking place in terms of creative direction, with a fresh crop of young(-ish) designers reigning supreme. Simultaneously, there is an abundance of smaller brands appearing on the scene, which have successfully managed to carve a niche for themselves internationally within a short time frame.

Though for many years Italian fashion has had the reputation of not being necessarily progressive, there is currently a slew of fresh Made in Italy fashion startups demonstrating the contrary. Many of them choose to combine the world of fashion with that of tech (or LEGO, in one particular case). While others, have simply succeeded in creating fashion-forward apparel and accessories, redefining Italy’s fashion narrative.

Read about the fashion forward brands here…

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