The Birth of Mona Lisa

View the villa where da Vinci created his best-known masterpiece.

This article, written by Kelsey Kloss, appears on Elle Decor.

You Can Now Live In Mona Lisa’s Italian Villa

Sure, you can’t own the Mona Lisa, but you can own the 16th-century villa where the historic oil on canvas was born.

In the peaceful Tuscan countryside, just three miles from Florence, the Villa Antinorisprawls over 66 lush, green acres and is on the market for the first in more than half a century for $23 million. Silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo owned the villa from 1498 to 1517, during which time he commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to paint a portrait of his wife, reports Forbes. Surprise: Her name was LisaRead more at Elle Decor…

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