Priceless Italian Portrait Stolen From French Museum

The masterpiece, painted by Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico, was cut out of it frame during a brazen theft.

The following article was posted on The Local. 

A self-portrait by 20th-century Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico is missing from a museum in the south of France after a thief apparently cut it out of its frame.

Investigators suspect that the theft, which took place at the Béziers Art Museum last Thursday afternoon but was only announced this week, was carried out to order.

De Chirico’s 1926 Composition with Self-Portrait had been on display in Béziers as part of the private collection of French Resistance hero Jean Moulin, who was born in the town.

Only the empty frame was left behind, according to France’s Midi Libre, which said that the art museum does not have security cameras either inside or outside.

The painting is “priceless”, according to local prosecutors investigating the theft. De Chirico’s works have sold for millions of euros in the past, including one early painting owned by designer Yves Saint-Laurent that fetched €11 million at auction.

Given how famous the stolen work is, thieves will have difficulty selling it on any legal market, the Béziers town council said in a statement. Continue reading at The Local. 

For a look at de Chirico’s many other celebrated works, click the YouTube video below:

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