Michelangelo, Sebastiano and a Vision that Defined the Renaissance

Michelangelo combined his genius for design with Sebastiano’s gift for colour to master the art of oil painting.

The following article, written by Amica Sciortino Nolan, appears on 1843magazine.com.

The master and Michelangelo

Sebastiano was better with colour, Michelangelo was better at drawing. Together they made a great team.

This is the story of three great cities of the Italian Renaissance, two exceptional artists and one revolutionary new medium. Michelangelo Buonarroti was from Florence, where drawing – disegno – was considered the father of all arts. Sebastiano del Piombo, ten years younger, came from Venice, where cross-continental trade brought rare minerals and pigments to artists who became masters of colour – colorito. The two men met where all roads meet, in Rome.

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