International Design Meets Italian Craftsmanship

Matching designers with local artisans -- that's what this Italian store aims to do.

This article, written by CHARLIE SORREL, appears on Co.Exist.

This Italian Store Matches International Designers With Local Artisans

Slow/D is an Italian design “brand” that links designers and artisans, so that customers anywhere can buy products locally, even though the designer may be on the other side of the world.

The designer uploads their design to the directory, along with all the photos and details you’d expect from a high-end furniture store, only when you decide to buy the piece, the order is sent to a fabricator near you. So instead of shipping that beautiful Italian-designed coat-rack all the way from Milan, you get the same thing made locally by a Slow/D-approved artisan. Everyone is a winner—designers open up their market, customers get a way better choice and pay only local shipping, the planet suffers less thanks to decreased transportation, and you support local businesses. Even Slow/D benefits, due to its 10% cut.  Read more on Co.Exist.

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