Andrea Palladio

Vogue spotlights Vicenza and the "father of architecture."

This article, written by , appears on Vogue.

The Northern Italian Province Is an Architecture Geek’s Dream

For architecture devotees, there are a few sacred destinations—among them, Barcelona for its Gaudi; Istanbul for the Hagia Sophia; New Canaan for its modernism; and the Veneto, the northern Italian province renown for its collection of urban buildings and countryside villas by architect Andrea Palladio. There, in the center of Vicenza and the surrounding lush, green rolling hillsides is where 16th-century classicist Palladio laid the ordered, symmetrical groundwork for what would become the most influential architectural theory of the century.

From the inventive and economizing rethinking of Vicenza’s central Basilica Palladiana to the religiously proportioned Villa Rotunda, Palladio’s most famous work, his architectural theory has gone on to directly inspire everything from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello to the latest collection of Bottega Veneta fragrances, which debuted just this week. Read more at Vogue…

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